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Silent love

My lover

Where are we?

Where did all those dreams migrate?

You were my moon

That I loved a lot.

I see you every starry night of my life

But can never touch,

Can never kiss!

My blonde moon stay shining in the sky.

I don’t know, am I alone watching you from this blue planet,

Or are there many holding the same dreams as mine?

I wonder,

How many are we?

Where are you my blonde moon?

Where did it go wrong?

You went so far away.

Please keep shining over our blue planet,

Don’t go further away.

Think of my story once in a while.

I know you don’t age in that starry sky,

But I do.

I will disappear with my generation.

But you stay there calm for ever.

You keep shining my blonde moon,

Keep smiling at our blue planet

And remember me, and our love,

Every now and then.

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