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Orange Boys

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Orange Boy Poem for the victims killed by ISIS

I’m a son of the war I was born with it Living with it Eating with it Laughing and crying with it, I’m an orange boy. Always loved the sunset colour, Loved the smell of the oranges That my mother could never afford. I’m a son born in the war zone, I was born in silence. My mother couldn’t even scream when she pushed me, They didn’t let me cry When I came to this troubled world, Because we were hiding in the basement, They didn’t know of our existence. We were hiding with the insects, My father was killed because he didn’t want to read the Quran.

I’m an orange boy Always loved orange goldfish Never could afford to have one. I grew up in the ashes of the wars, Played with land mines, Painted war tanks and rockets, I had my first romantic kiss under bombardment, Do you know? The most Beautiful flower is the one that grows on the grey ashes of the battlefield. I saw one orange flower blooming in between the dead young soldier’s body scattered around like ripened grapes in the autumn. I’m an orange boy, I love to wear everything orange. It’s my favorite colour. We were born in silence And we die in silence, Unnoticed. We never laugh or cry We just count days in the dark. Here everything is expensive, Except life. Even birds don’t want to migrate here. Here the word love is taboo. We live and die in silence Unnoticed! I’m an orange boy, Always loved that colour But never knew one day I will be killed in that color Never understood, Why me?

Simko 2018

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