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Sparrows of paradise

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Sparrows of paradise forgive me,

Sparrows of my childhood garden

Please forgive me.

I hurt you a lot when I was a child.

When you were dozing on the branch of my catapult

We were looking for a round stone to target

Your small chest,

To get our childhood angers out of our chests,

Please forgive me.

I laughed at your small chicks’ yellow beak,

I laughed at their unopened eyes,

I laughed at them when they fell from the shoulder of the sad Christmas tree in our garden.

I laughed when they were dead and red ants were lining to eat them.

Please forgive me

hungry sparrows of my sad land,

After you migrated

We emigrated too.

I left my sad land with my broken catapult.

Wind taught me the lessons of love,

Morning dew taught me lessons about colours,

those colours that I had never paid attention to before.

Now I can talk to the flowers,

Now I can tickle the forest.

I promise when I come back again

To the garden of childhood

I will paint your feathers with your favorite colours,

I will paint your babies’ yellow beaks with red roses

I will make them so beautiful

Just if I come back?

I promise when your chicks fall down from the shoulder of the sad trees

I will jump to save them on my shoulders just like a squirrel

Bringing them back to your arms, to your nest

If I come back

I promise

If I come back.

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