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Love and slavaery

Love and slavery

short story based on the real event 2018

The ISIS Jihadists captured the small town of Shengal. They separated women and children from the others, they killed the men and older boys for fun, and they took the girls and children to be slaves.

That is how their minds worked, that they are right and everybody else is wrong. Allah gave them an order to do that for him, and because the villagers of Shangal were not believers ISIS would implement what they believed Allah wanted of them.

The girls and children were all dressed up in black and taken in buses towards the biggest city in northern Iraq, the city of Mosul, the capital of ISIS in Iraq. When the buses were driving along the dusty roads, you could hear the sounds of bullets where they were shooting the males of the villages.

Mohammad, a short, hairy, fat and ugly Isis jihadi fighter was in charge of the small bus in which there were 40 young Yezidi girls. Mohammad was putting his hand on every girl’s chest and squeezing their breasts. The poor girls felt like an octopus keeping its distance from the hunter’s net, pulled themselves back. They were all frightened and shocked about what had just happened to their village and their brothers, fathers, sons and husbands.

Isis Jihadis were all hungry for sex and rape and they believed that their god Allah gave them that right, and if they do so they will get credits for ever lasting paradise.

Mohammed has an assistant named Musses; he was in charge of registering all the slave girls and then sharing them out amongst the Isis fighters. He was the only one who could speak both Arabic and Kurdish languages. Yezidi girls were all Kurdish and that was the only language they were able to understand.

Musses was asking each girl their name one by one, and writing it down with their age.

When Musses reached a beautiful blonde girl with sparking blue eyes his heart almost stopped, he was attracted to her right away and was hopping that the leader Mohammad would give her to him.

Sara was recently married to a guy in the village, his name was Sardar. She was very much in love with him and had many dreams of how life would be with him. She didn’t know that the same Isis fighters had beheaded him that morning as they captured him after a long and bitter fight.

Sara was a very smart girl, and she did not believe in any religions, including Yezidi, her own traditional religion.

When Musses reached her she said, “You look nicer than others”. That made Musses behave more politely.

He was embarrassed and said, “thank you”.

The bus was moving through the dust and the evening sunset was as red and orange as the color of the Yezidi men’s’ blood.

The bus arrived on the dusty and dirty quarter of Mosul, the girls were let off to the big farm field that looked like a chicken farm. They made them stand in line side by side.

A moment later big holy Imam entered with Mohammad following him just like a dog, with the list of the names in his hand. The Imam was an old man who seemed to be in his 60’s with white clean dress from head to toe.

Mohammad was reading the name of the women and dividing them into three lines based on their ages.

Sara was in the youngest line, which the Imam called ‘the virgin line’.

The line of over 40’s was mostly mothers, they were taken further away.

Like the rest of the shocked girls, Sara didn’t know what was going on.

The horror of seeing that line of innocent older women being slaughtered, all of them, was overwhelmingly painful.

Mohammad said that it was for the best, as they could not be fed, “anyway, they are old and useless”.

The devastated girls were crying and screaming for their mothers or relatives who had been shot right in front of their eyes.

Mohammad dragged two little girls, who had not even reached the age of 10, to the Imam. For him, the younger the children were, the better!

Musses seemed to be confused about the whole situation and was looking at what was going on around him with great doubts.

As Musses passed Sara, she could see the confusion in his eyes. Sara said to him, “Is that really what your god asks for?”

He looked back at her saying, “keep quite if you want to live”.

She replied, “Do you still consider this a life?”

He cried, “Please stop! Don’t talk now”

She replied, “Why not? I’m not afraid to be shot like those innocent women you just shot because they are too old to fuck with. You know if there is any god in the sky above be sure he is disgusted with you!”

Musses admired her courage.

She kept asking, “What did you do with our men? Did you kill them too?”

Musses, mouth dry, managed to say, “I don’t know”.

Sara said, “I don’t think you are a bad person, what’s your name?”

He replied, “Musses”

Sara asked, “Do you have a wife or children?”

Musses replied, “No. Please stop talking.”

Sara came back at him, “Why are you so scared? They won’t rape or kill you like they have us. Do you have a mother and sisters?”

He replied, “Of course I do.”

She shouted, “Would you want your mother to be shot and your little sister to be raped?”

He cried, “Please stop, you are Yezidis you are an enemy of Islam. The Quran says so, it’s not in my control”.

Sara continued, “Do you think the god, the creator, of the universe and planets, and all species will care about what you and I believe in?”

Musses came back, “ The Quran said Allah is the only god and he wants that”.

She replied, “Where did you hear Allah say that? I don’t think the creator of the universe will be so small as to fit into your book or mine. Religions are all written by men to give power to themselves, to control others, just like what you and your comrades are doing right now”.

Musses yelled at her, “Why are you talking so much? Please stop!”

She continued, “If your Imam or any of you try to rape me, you should consider yourself and myself to be dead”.

Musses had never met a woman so clear and brave as that young girl. He felt like he wished to be the man that she approved of. He was also worried that the Imam or Muhammad will take the blonde, beautiful, and smart girl for himself. He defiantly didn’t like the thought of that.

Dark sky pulled its wings over the city. It was the darkest day for people in Shingal. That day would come to be written in the history book of the area and for sure, that chapter of history would disgust coming generations.

The slave girls were put in the chicken field where the empty cages and smell of chicken shit were dominating the area.

That first evening Musses brought some bread, tomatoes with containers full of water to the girls. He started to distribute the food amongst the girls. When he came to Sara he put his hand in his pocket and gave her a nicely wrapped kebab, saying, “I made this especially for you.”

The other girls felt jealous about that special treatment of her.

Another day of slavery sun rose over that grey and dark city of Mosul.

Musses came to the girls’ prison with some papers in his hand. Worried and depressed, he read the names of the girls, when he reached Sara his eyes were full of tears and he started crying. Men usually don’t show their tears in such a society, it is the sign of weakness for a man to cry, but he did.

He came closer to her and said, “They put your name as a slave for a nearby village Imam.”

Sara asked, “Why are you crying? Isn’t that what your Allah asked you to do?

If your Allah asked for that, you don’t need to cry. Send me to him, and you will see what will happen. If I am lucky enough to have a grave, I hope you will write on it how I died?”

Musses sobbed, “Why are you are so strong? I have never seen a brave woman like you, beauty and brain in one head.”

Sara replied, “Do you want to kiss me? It will be your last chance, I want to kiss someone before I die.”

Musses’ heart was beating like a bird who has just being caged, he just jumped to her and started kissing her in front of everyone.

That was obviously the first kiss for him and that was also the first feeling of love he ever felt. He first of seed of love boomed in his heart, he could see and feel the green color in that grey war, color which was dominating their city, mind and souls.

The other captured women reviled Sara, they thought she was playing her way out, but actually Sara also was attracted by the weak and innocent mind of Musses.

Musses was frozen like a statue with papers falling from his hand. Now he was clearer about what he wanted.

He put his hand in his pocket and gave his mobile to Sara saying “Its fully charged you and your friends can call anyone you want, also my number is saved as Mussa in it, when I call you pick up. If any other names call you don’t pick up.

Sara and the girls had a night of calling anyone available to get information about their relatives and families, some of them were disappointed and devastated after the call, some of them were left happy that their beloved ones were still alive.

Many of Yezidi people were protected by PKK fighters, the group which Turkey called terrorists. They gave them safe passage to the mountains and then to the cities of Kurdistan in North Iraq.

Those survivors were lucky ones but those who got captured or killed by ISIS fighters were not.

On the next night Musses called Sara and he expressed his feeling to her, and told her he was ready to save her if she loved him enough to take that risk.

A couple days later, the Imam with some other fellows came to the field to distribute the girls amongst themselves as sex slaves. Mussa was not with them. Sara started to panic, what if they have found out and killed him also? Sara with two other girls was listed for an Imam in a nearby village called Afaj. The mobile in her pocket was switched off with only very little battery left, there was not power in the chicken field to recharge.

The same night Sara called Musses and told him what had happened.

Musses told her to be ready after midnight he would come to visit her.

It was about 2:00am that night when Musses appeared with another woman covered in black from face to toe, and he had another set of the same clothes in hand, that woman was a doctor she came to examine the sick girls.

Musses gave the extra set of clothes to Sara and she dressed up exactly like the female doctor. He left the doctor with the other women and left with Sara in his car.

The next day the love and escape story of the Jiahadi Musses and slave girl Sara spread around the soldiers and the city. Many called them traitors and said their blood need to be shed. Banners was distributed saying that Mussa run away with an infidel Yezidi girl, and that whoever found them would be given 4 slave girls and $10,000 as reward.

With Sharia law those two people should be buried alive for their betrayal.

Nobody ever found them.

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