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JAALA Tokyo Beinalle 2018

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Simko Ahmed is a Kurdish fine artist born in south Kurdistan , in the city of Slemani

Simko Studied

civil engineering at sallahdin university's in the 1990's and then a Master degree at Tokyo university in design and engineering in 2003.

In between he attended MIFA fine art institute In Tokyo 1998.

Simko is a board member of Jaala (Japan , Africa , Asia and Latin America art association) in Tokyo , since 1996 up to now.

He had 14 solo art shows in Kurdistan , Japan , Canada , Korea , Afghanistan , Sierra Leone , Africa and Europe .

Simko has participated in over 50 international art Beinalles and art fairs around the world such as Jaala Beinalle at Tokyo Metropolitan museum he is a participant and curator regularly since 1996 for choosing up to 15 artists every 2 years .

He participated at Asia 's biggest Kuanju Beinalle in South Korea , Man Plus Space 2000

Jaala Beinalles at Soul Metropolitan museum , and Taiwan .... etc

He is a humanitarian aid worker and worked for a Japanese NGO ( Peace Winds Japan ) he moved to Tokyo in 1996 he has been working on humanitarian projects as a civil Engineer to help the local communities to rebuild their infrastructure during or after wars or natural disasters , he has been to many missions in Balkan conflicts in Kurdistan, Kosovo , Bosnia , Albania , Liberia , Sierra Leone , Afghanistan , Pakistan.... etc , and currently lives in London

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