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From depth

From depth

It’s me and my glass again,

It’s me and my dreams again.

I’m walking down the stairs of my life

From conscious to my subconscious.

It’s a long staircase

I’m walking with my glass in my hand.

I walk by all those graves

Graves of the dreams I had that never came true

Grapes of my dream trees that never ripened.

All the loved ones that I never had the chance to say that I love you!

I walk by the graves of people to whom I never declared love,

Never heard from them if they loved me.

It’s a long staircase,

Me with my glass of wine of life,

How many more stairs to go down?

I will never know!

But I know I loved many times

But all were silent loves

The loves that never bore fruits,

The love that never felt the depth,

Like swimming in the oceans that have no bottom,

Or the tree that has no roots.

I’m walking through the depth of my conscious and subconscious

With my glass full of the wine of love,

walking down in the darkness.

It’s a long way

It’s a long walk

I see all the names on the graves of the people that I loved one day,

But they are not here anymore.

I never told him

Never told her

That I love you .

It’s too late

To shake them off

And say It now.

Those graves are so quite

They can’t hear my screams anymore

Still walking

Still talking

To my glass

I Wish I could go back in time

To say the things that I never said,

To do things that I never did.

To make those graves happier

And rest my mind in peace

I’m walking

And talking

To my glass what if

And What if ?

But I know deep down

It’s too late

It’s too late.

I still keep talking

And keep walking

But I know deep down

I can’t turn the clock back

Can’t steer the wheel back

I’m sorry deeply sorry

To burry all those


In the graveyard of my mind

Please forgive me...

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